ASBP Award Ceremony Success!

EDGE hosted the ASBP Award Ceremony on Thursday and it was a great success! With over fifty guests in attendance, everyone was very excited to be with like-minded people to celebrate incredibly innovative sustainable ventures.

During this event, the winners of the 4th annual ASBP Awards were announced as follows.

In the Project Category:

  • SNUG Forest Road won the Judge’s Award with their Forest Road SNUG home, an offsite, custom build, net-zero carbon home. This truly challenges the idea of what a ‘house’ is.
  • Zetland Passive House won the People’s Prize, which is the UK’s first certified EnerPHit Plus building. This house provided a blueprint for retrofitting the UK’s 8 million pre-1930s homes.
In the Product Category:
  • Accoya Wood won the Judges’ Award, the fast-growing, certified sustainable wood through a proprietary acetylation process. This product is high performing with sustainability credentials that exceed those of man-made alternatives.
  • Agile’s Innovation Housing Solution won the People’s Prize, a rapid, housing solution, which is also a high-quality, space-compliant, low-carbon and affordable. They were built using an MMC panel system and reusable materials, each home embeds 27 tonnes of carbon.
In the Initiative Category:
  • People Powered Retrofit won the Judges’ Award, an initiative developed to offer an end-to-end owner occupier deep retrofit service. This initiative demonstrated incredible collaboration and community energy.
  • Structural Carbon Tool won the People’s Prize, launched by the Institution of Structural Engineers. It is an open-source Excel-based carbon estimator developed by Elliott Wood Partnership Ltd. This system allows structural engineers to estimate and then reduce the embodied carbon of their designs.
We would like to thank the ASBP and all of the guests that came to this event. We hope to see you soon!