green earth

Build and Design Better in 2022!

Here is a quick guide of a few things you might like to consider as part of your 2022 resolutions. How to be more sustainable and environmentally conscious when building and designing.

  • Sustainable sourcing: there are many brands that produces amazing products/designs by using 100% natural, recycled, and recyclable materials for interior, architecture and construction. If you want to be inspired and find out more, come to EDGE!
  • Recycling: there are many innovative methods of transforming construction waste into sustainable products.
  • Re-purpose: for your next project, why not ask your fellow constructors, architects, designers, if they have old parts and materials they don’t use and re-purpose, re-design it for your new environment?
  • Design: this is a crucial point for a more sustainable built environment. It all starts with how the product/building is designed using less materials, less waste, better insulation and by optimising the use of the space.

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