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Briiv One Year Replacement Filter Set


A 12 month replacement filter pack for the Briiv Air Filter, the world’s most sustainable air purifier!



One year filter set contains:

  • 1 Pre-Filter Moss Replacement
  • 1 Large Particulate Coconut Replacement
  • 4 Nano Matrix Filters

What is Nano Matrix?

Our latest innovation in green technology, which retains all the premium efficiency of a HEPA particulate filter, but without utilising tons of harmful plastics!

Each filter only contains 2 grams of equivalent plastic compared to most conventional filters that use up to 1.3kg of plastics and metals that are all single use.

Overall, our specially created Nano Matrix system uses 91.7% less plastic than conventional HEPA filters of the same size. That’s the equivalent of saving 11 plastic bottles from landfill every year!

This filter uses tried and tested technology trusted by hospitals and the aerospace industry, the fabric is constructed in layers with a spun glass forming a nano-tight mesh; and this fine mesh uses electrostatic build-up from the air, capturing very fine particles in the PM2.5 Range.

This is truly the world’s first sustainable HEPA standard filter!

If you’re looking for maximum clean-air performance, with sustainability as a must, then a Nano Matrix filter from Briiv is the perfect choice for you.

Replace each filter every 3 months or use the Briiv app to track actual usage.

Vegan Friendly

Our bespoke Nano Matrix filter is made completely without animal based products, meaning you can enjoy this product safe in the knowledge no animal materials make up any part of it!

What are the filter layers made of?

Reindeer Lichen – The green material you see at the top is a naturally grown, ethically harvested inorganic material which is renowned for its innate ability to trap particles in its structure. This layer will comfortably take out PM10 sized particles like pollen and other allergens. Replace this every 12 months.

Coconut Coir – Taken from waste coconut product and re-purposed into a fantastic filtration fibre, this dense mesh targets particles down to PM5 in size, including bacteria and mould. Replace this every 12 months.

Nano Matrix –Sitting as the key third layer in the heart of your Briiv Air Filter unit, this bespoke filter is built for pure performance with a 99% filtration rate particles in the PM2.5 range. That includes, fine dust, bacteria and large viruses. The world’s first true sustainable HEPA filter.


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