Hembury Side Table | Herdwick | Scorched Ash


Our new Side Table may be small, but within it lies a fascinating story of craftsmanship and a commitment to sustainable design. Not a trend, but a timeless piece to make us think – and look below the surface.

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A perfect companion to the Hembury Chair, this elegant design showcases Herdwick Wool at its heart. Producing a dark grey composite with the lighter guard hairs standing out, paired with scorched black Ash legs make for a striking combination.

Uncomplicated, enduring and created with materials that do all the talking, it is a piece that will sit quietly in the corner, yet steal the show.

The Details: Scorched Ash Legs + Welsh Mountain Solidwool

The Dimensions: 48cm H x 47.5cm W

Leadtime: 2-4 weeks from receipt of order


Every piece unique, every angle different.

Made with Herdwick wool, we see beauty in this natural material with each chair showcasing the story of this incredible natural fibre. Our products are made with natural materials, meaning there will be some subtle variation between the appearance of the wool in each product.

Ready to ship in 6-8 weeks from United Kingdom (UK)