Tomas & Jani

HUSK. Sideboard


Hand crafted sideboard made from coffee bean husk, recycled paper, and OSB.



This sleek and smart TV Unit is made using OSB then wrapped in recycled paper, and the feet are constructed from reclaimed pallet bearers sourced from local workshops or salvaged from skips. The door fronts are made with coffee silverskin, the shell of the coffee bean that naturally sheds during the roasting process, OSB, recycled paper, and reclaimed pallet bearers.


Designed by Jani Lemut and handmade by Jani and his team in Lewes, East Sussex.




Width: 35cm

Length: 120cm

Height: 38.5cm

Height with legs: 54cm



Recycled Coffee Chaff, 100% Recycled Pallet Wood, Oriented Strand Board, Non-Toxic Resin, Low VOC and Water-Based Lacquer, Natural Dye.


Disclaimer: all of our furniture is handmade so we cannot guarantee that yours will look exactly like the picture. Although we strive for consistency, we also believe that the slight variations are what makes our furniture unique and stand out from the crowd.


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