LivePanel PACK

LivePanel PACK is a ready-to-use living wall system, available in four standard sizes. Ideal for offices, at home, schools, showrooms, shops and window displays, hotels and restaurants.

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LivePanel PACK is a living wall: a green wall system in an all-in-1 package. With this modular living wall, the LivePanel Pack can be installed quickly and easily, ideal for rooms with one or more small wall surfaces. The modular living wall system consists of interchangeable plant cassettes with slots that are placed in gutter profiles that serve as a water reservoir. These profiles are easily filled with water by hand.

LivePanel PACK is available as a complete living wall package in four sizes:
LivePanel PACK 2×2 – 0.87 x 1.09 (surface 95 m2)
LivePanel PACK 2×3 – 0.87 x 1.57 (surface 1.37 m2)
LivePanel PACK 3×2 – 1.27 x 1.09 (surface 1.38 m2)
LivePanel PACK 6×4 – 2.48 x 2.06 (surface 5.10 m2)



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