LivePicture is an innovative piece of natural artwork produced from high-quality and durable materials and an interchangeable system of plant cassettes.



In LivePicture, innovation, design and greenery come together in a special way. LivePicture is a system with vertical plant cassettes that are easily interchangeable. It includes an integrated watering system with a reservoir. This ensures that the plants are supplied with water for four to six weeks. Due to the innovative and patented construction, no power is required. LivePicture is quick and easy to attach to any wall with just a few screws.

LivePicture is available in four different sizes (up to 4 plant cassettes) and two standard colors (black and white). Other (RAL) colors and personalization with your own logo, design or photo are available on request.
Price and weigt based on LivePicture with 1 cassette.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 72 × 7 × 72 cm


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