Mobilane Green Screen


The Mobilane Green Screen is supplied as a pre-grown hedge available in different sizes and plant types. It is renowned for its quality and its manufacture in a sustainable production process. The hedge is grown in a biodegradable container of coconut fibres. The Mobilane Green Screen ready-made hedge consists of a steel grid completely intertwined and covered with climbing plants. The hedge is grown in a biodegradable container made from coconut fibres. After preparing the soil for plantings, place the hedge directly into the ground.



Mobilane Green Screens are available with different types of plants and in panels of different sizes. For example, choose a hedge screen of Hedera helix Woerner, a hardy dark green ivy that has evergreen leaves in varying shapes.  For more colour, choose Pyracantha Dart’s Red, a hardy firethorn,  with non-poisonous red berries and a spring flourish of beautiful white flowers. A Mobilane Green Screen brings an instantly full and dense hedge and can be planted all year round. Price: Hedera helix ‘Woerner 120 x 180 cm. Other sorts and sizes vary in price.


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