A simple chair made of recycled fabric or wool filled with wool that is folded together. Not only does making a chair that is folded together create different support points for ideal sitting, but it also bypasses the necessity of materials other than wool by providing to support the structure.


Wool is waste nowadays.

Yes, you understood correctly: 1,5m kilos of Dutch wool is dumped every year in the Netherlands. It is a quality product with lots of advantages? so why is it considered waste? I found just two reasons: the wool isn’t used for clothing as is itchy to touch, and it is labour-intensive to process due to certain qualities of the wool’s fibre.

So, how can we solve this problem?

After 100 sketches and show models, I came to the solution: a simple chair made of recycled fabric or 100% wool filled with wool that is folded together. Not only does making a chair that is folded together create different support points for many ideal sitting positions, but it also bypasses the necessity of materials other than wool by providing compartments to support the structure.

The look of the chair is new and interesting. You can use the wool for a lifetime with proper maintenance. If you happen to want more firmness after a time of use, the chair is easy to fill. If you happen to want another chair after a while, you can reuse the wool and buy a new cover.

Ready to ship in 6-8 weeks


Shipping Policy

Article 5. Delivery‚Ä®
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5.3 If the additional term is exceeded, the customer may dissolve the agreement without notice of default or judicial intervention being required and/or request compensation.
5.4 If the additional delivery term is exceeded, Behh shall not be liable for any form of consequential damage in the case of an agreement with a business customer.
In the case of a contract with a consumer, Behh must refund all payments received from the consumer immediately if the additional delivery term is exceeded, unless the parties make further (delivery) arrangements.
5.5 If Behh requires information from the customer for the execution of the contract, or if (partial) advance payment has been agreed on, the delivery term shall not commence until Behh has received the correct and complete information or the advance payment, as the case may be.
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5.7 If the customer refuses a delivery, Behh may charge the resulting costs to the customer, unless the delivered product is defective. In addition, in the event of refusal, Behh is entitled to terminate the contract, without prejudice to its right to claim full compensation.
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5.9 The customer shall inform Behh of any special circumstances requiring, for example, the use of a removal lift. The customer shall bear the costs and risk of the use of special equipment or services, such as removal lifts or glaziers. Even if the customer has not provided this information, the costs of the use of special equipment or services are at the customer's expense.
5.10 The customer shall ensure that the place of delivery is easily accessible and available on time and that every effort is made to facilitate a smooth handover/delivery. If a product cannot pass through the stairwell/window/door, the costs involved will be at the customer's expense and risk. 5.11 If the execution of the handover/delivery is delayed due to circumstances such as those mentioned in this article, the customer shall compensate Behh for the damage (including additional delivery and/or transport and/or storage costs) incurred as a result, if these circumstances can be attributed to the customer.
5.12 The customer cannot oblige Behh to perform work that is contrary to ARBO regulations (occupational health and safety legislation).
Article 6. The storage of products
6.1 If the products are offered on the agreed delivery date but are not taken delivery of and there is no question of a flawed delivery, Behh shall make a second delivery within a reasonable period of time. Article 5.11 shall then apply.
6.2 If the second delivery is not accepted either, Behh may:
a. claim fulfilment of the agreement and charge further demonstrable damage and reasonable costs to the customer (as indicated in Articles including but not limited to 5.11 and 6.1);
b. keep the products in storage and charge the storage costs to the customer.
If the products to be delivered have not yet been purchased by the customer after the situation referred to in a or b, Behh may regard the agreement as cancelled in accordance with the arrangement in Article 9. In addition to the cancellation costs, Behh may also charge the incurred storage costs to the customer (based on the dimensions of the furniture, rounded up to the full calendar month).
6.3 If the products have been paid for by the customer, Behh shall keep the products in storage for a maximum of three months, charging the customer reasonable internal or external storage costs.
6.4 If the customer still fails to take delivery after three months, the agreement shall be considered cancelled and Behh may, in addition to the cancellation fee referred to in Article 9, charge reasonable internal or external storage costs.
6.5 The customer may also expressly agree a longer storage period with Behh; the costs involved shall be borne by the customer.
6.6 The risk of fire and damage during storage shall be covered by the storage company's insurance or by Behh.
Article 7. Transport, damage upon delivery and the right of complaint/obligation to complain
7.1 In principle, the transport of the products within the Netherlands is included in the price, except in the case of take-home items or if something else has been agreed.
7.2 Complaints regarding the execution of the contract or damage to the customer's property caused by (employees of) Behh must be fully and clearly described and submitted to Behh. This must be done in a timely manner and in writing (stating the order number/invoice number, name and address details and if possible including photographic evidence), preferably by sending an email to or otherwise by sending the information to the postal address stated on the invoice.
7.3 If, on delivery, damage to the goods delivered or to customer's property is found to have occurred, the customer shall state this on the delivery note. If there is no opportunity to detect any damage upon delivery, the customer will note this on the delivery receipt. The customer must report any visible damage to Behh within two working days at the latest. If Behh has not received notification of any other (non-visible) damage within fourteen days of delivery, it will be assumed that the products have been delivered undamaged and/or that no damage has been caused by Behh to customers' property.
7.4 If the customer arranges the transport himself, he must, after delivery but before transportation, check, insofar as possible, that the products are undamaged and complete.
7.5 In the event of damage, the customer shall give Behh or the service engaged by Behh the opportunity to inspect and assess the damage. The customer shall also cooperate in the delivery

of the missing goods, in the repair of the delivered goods or in their replacement by or on behalf of Behh in accordance with the provisions of Article 12 of these Terms and Conditions. The business customer cannot demand a replacement if the deviation from the agreement is too minor to justify this. In the case of consumers, Behh is not obliged to repair or replace the delivered goods if repair or replacement is impossible or cannot be demanded from Behh.
7.6 Consumer complaints that arise only after delivery during use shall be reported in writing to Behh as soon as possible, but no later than two months after discovery.
7.7 The delivered product is deemed to be in compliance with the agreement and therefore deemed not to be defective resulting from normal use in the following cases:
- a difference in sitting comfort (harder or softer) between intensively and less intensively used parts of seat and back cushions;
- a difference in sitting comfort as a result of unavoidable structural differences, such as in the case of furniture including but not limited to corner pieces, chaises longes and movable seating components, as compared with normal seating components;
- the formation of creasing in all upholstered furniture, regardless of the type of upholstery; - loose cushions which were previously stitched rigidly to the furniture or are attached with zippers and which have been pulled on or lifted out;
- upholstery with stripes or patterns that would never be 100% straight;
- upholstery with an alternating pattern direction invariably leading to shadowing ('spotting' or 'shading');
- the direction in which the fabric is upholstered results in colour nuances, for example in the case of corner pieces;
- the chosen upholstery exhibits pilling, e.g. due to friction with a garment and/or fleece;
- the chosen upholstery contains or consists of cotton or linen and has the characteristic properties of creasing, flattening, discolouration and/or susceptibility to shrinkage;
- a colour difference in furniture with the same upholstery or finish due to the furniture being produced by different manufacturers or ordered at different times, including in the case of repeat orders of previously purchased identical furniture;
- the chosen leather, which may be a sanded or buffed leather, over time and depending on its use, exhibits a form of 'patina' in certain areas, or the leather exhibits scar tissue, skin creases or colour variations/discolouring, which are characteristics of the material;
- furniture has become moist with (bodily) fluid, such that clothing dye has bled onto light- coloured upholstery made of fabric, microfibre, synthetic leather or leather;
- wood becomes warped due to its inherent qualities;
- furniture that is made of old wood or has a distinctly rustic character. The knots have not been filled and the undulation in the wood's surface has not been smoothed out. Distinct colour differences may be exhibited between the various parts of the furniture.
- discolouration of furniture upholstery resulting from warmth and/or sunlight.
- deviations in the model or colour in the case of furniture made partly or completely of solid wood, due to being manufactured artisanally. Partly solid-wood furniture pieces are made of solid wood and veneered parts such that colour differences may occur. They can become warped due to warmth or air humidity. The contraction and cracking of the wood is part of the character of the product.
- seat and back cushions with down and/or foam-flake padding should preferably be fluffed daily. - pillows that are stitched securely to the furniture or attached with zippers cannot be pulled on or lifted out.
7.8 Failure to submit the complaint in a timely manner will result in the customer losing their rights in this area.


Refund Policy

Article 9. Order change or cancellation
9.1 Once Behh has confirmed the order (of a custom-made product), the customer can cancel the order free of charge within three working days after the order date. Thereafter, the customer may only change or cancel the order with the consent of Behh. If Behh has already incurred costs or must incur costs as a result of the change or cancellation, Behh is entitled to charge these to the customer.
The following system applies in such cases:
Cancellation within the indicated delivery term, without registration of delivery by Behh: 25% of the order amount;
Cancellation after registration of delivery by Behh: 50% of the order amount;
Cancellation after delivery: 50% of the total order amount plus the costs of delivery and retrieval of the products.
9.2 The percentages referred to in paragraph 1 are fixed, unless Behh can prove that the damage it has incurred is greater.
9.3 Cancellation must be made in writing.
9.4 In the case of an off-premises or distance contract relating to products from Express stock, the consumer does not have to pay any cancellation costs if they exercise the right of withdrawal as laid down by law and in Article 14 for this method of sale.

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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 90 × 87 × 76 cm


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