Noise pollution is one of the major sources of frustration at home, at work and in public. NoiStop is a simple solution. Available in Wood and Steel, NoiStop reduces the noise on average by ten decibels. Unlike many noise barriers, NoiStop not only blocks the sound, but also absorbs the sound waves.



NoiStop noise barriers are unique in that they not only block but also absorb sound. This greatly reduces the ambient noise. The noise barrier is made up of modular panels with a core of specially pressed rock wool. This construction ensures a very high insulation value.
NoiStop can be used for various applications. As a boundary fence it offers immediate privacy and security and, the important factors here: Peace and quiet. In addition, tThe screens can be used in places where noise nuisance occurs;  along a railway line, beside a children’s playground or along a busy road. The application possibilities are limitless.
Price on application.


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