smile plastics

Re-use and recycle waste in design

Here at EDGE, we have numerous brands that reuse and recycle waste into beautiful and innovative materials and products.

smile plastics samples




Smile Plastics design sustainable materials made from waste plastics collected from households and businesses. Yes, the beautiful surfaces created by Smile Plastics are made out of ordinary, everyday plastic waste! Their mission is to create the next generation’s circular economy materials, while encouraging designers to value their resources and to waste less. Distinct traces of the plastic’s origin is included in their material to tell a story that resonates.



mater chair

Sustainability is embedded in Mater‘s core. They combine sustainability and circular production using waste, with timeless design through collaboration with well-established and new design talents. They create refined furniture from recycled fish nets, beer kegs, coffee shells, grain waste, car parts, etc. Mater proves that there are endless ways of designing opulent furniture using waste.




Magna Glaskeramik aims to mitigate and reduce glass waste, which is the prime waste in construction and in industry. Breathtaking, crystallised glass slabs are formed out of waste stream glass, which is overrun and defective float glass. As Magna’s glass slabs are without resins and additives, they are 100% recyclable and upcycled at the end of life.





SCALE is trying to solve the issue of food production and construction waste. SCALITE is 100% made from fish scales, a by-product of the fishing industry. This fascinating material is 100% bio=sourced and recyclable due to the natural biopolymer of the scales used as a matrix. An ocean-friendly material for the architectural sector.

newtab-22 samples


Newtab-22 created Sea Stone, a concrete-like material composed of discarded seashell powder and natural, non-toxic ingredients such as sand, mineral soil, etc. Every year, 7 million tons of seashells are discarded by the seafood industry and aquaculture. The majority of which is thrown into landfills or by the seaside. Their aim is to critically bring sustainability into society by using waste in their work.



Come visit EDGE showroom to discover more brands that use waste in their designs and products, such as Bolon, Newton Waterproofing, Aurore Piette, Bencore, Richlite, Camira, Durat, and many more!