Surface Design Show Recap

An exciting start to the year at the first design show of 2022.

Interior Design Declares had a panel discussion on the opening night of SDS highlighting their campaign and pledge that raises awareness of the climate/biodiversity emergencies encouraging all interior design practices to act now. If you want to learn more about IDD or want to sign up to this pledge, please click here.




We realised that this year’s SDS had a greater focus on sustainable materials, such as Sally Angharad’s Surface Spotlight Live stand right at the centre of the event. Some of our partners were exhibiting their beautiful collection of samples at the SDS.





Smile Plastics launched their new collection Cosmos and Spectra during the SDS. Spectra is their first translucent material with, of course, coloured flecks capsulated in semi opaque Pet. It is not only a beautiful surface, it can also screen and let light through. Cosmos perfectly captures the deep universe by combining expansive monochrome and explosive burst of neon.



3Form and Bencore were also present at the SDS displaying their amazing samples. We had Bencore’s creative composite panels made out of recycled materials and 3Forms never-ending-colour hardware solutions from recycled plastic.




EDGE partner Surface Matter had fun display of a candy shop during SDS. All of the samples from Durat, Richlite and Plasticiet were shaped like candy, cakes, and chocolate!